Verifone plans to hire 100 more specialists for the Innovation Center in Bucharest in 2022


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Positions are available in software, product management, digital sales, customer support and finance.


Verifone Romania, the FinTech leader providing end-to-end payment and commerce solutions, is increasing its research and innovation team within the Innovation Center in Bucharest, formerly known as 2Checkout, taken over by Verifone in 2020.

Around 400 employees are currently working in Bucharest, with 100 hired in the past year since the takeover and now the intention is to hire another 100 next year. Among the existing employees that Verifone in Romania, 40% are technology experts.

The projects developed in Bucharest involve the latest technologies, from cloud solutions and microservices to cryptocurrencies. Our employees here have the opportunity to work with some of the foremost experts in the field, contributing to the future of the e-commerce industry,” Peyton O’Connor, Head of Human Resources, Verifone told an online press conference today. “More than 60 patents submitted per year, created by our Global Engineering team, are proof of the intense innovation process which the company embraces,” she added.

Since acquiring 2Checkout, Verifone promoted over 10% of the initial team, some of the employees taking over global roles within the organization.

According to the Verifone HR chief, there are currently nine interns in the engineering department of the Bucharest innovation center who benefited of the company’s internship program dedicated to youngsters, with five of them to be hired on a permanent basis.

Verifone also has a Women’s Mentorship Program that runs worldwide, which encourages the growing role of women in the Tech sector. According to O’Connor, the program involved over 30 mentors and mentees this year, with 10% coming from Romania.

In terms of infrastructure investments, Verifone does not plan to expand in other cities from Romania for the time being, as it had already extended its office space in Bucharest by renting 3-4 floors of the office building.

However, amid the current pandemic context, the team is largely operating remotely. Peyton O’Connor said that 10% of their employees in Romania are actually coming to the office right now, but this is on a volunteering basis.

In his turn, Bulent Ozayaz, President Regional Operations  EMEA Verifone, said that the company intends to invest heavily in the e-commerce payments in the next 2-5 years and to bring more payment alternative in Romania. Another target is to work more closely with the Romanian banks, he added.

“The office in Romania is really important to us, as a matter of fact it is on the same scale with the office in the U.S,” Bulent Ozayaz concluded, also mentioning that the group has its International Sales Representative and its Marketing manager based in Bucharest.

Verifone operates on 150 markets and it has a wide variety of payment solutions around the globe, including classic POS, to-order kiosks in fast food networks, tablets or displays in taxis, and specialized payment software, among others.

Verifone is developing a unified global platform for payment and e-commerce solutions to provide its customers and end buyers with a seamless end-to-end shopping experience, for online or offline payments, by card, or other methods. The company’s global portfolio includes a wide variety of payment solutions, from the classic payment terminals to ordering kiosks in fast-food chains, tablets, or displays in taxis or specialized software for payment.

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