VINTEST starts testing Bucharesters

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Romania ranks 12 in wine producers’ chart at global level.

VINTEST National Salon takes place, starting today, at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, this year’s edition being dedicated to the “I love Romanian wine” campaign, according to the organizers.

The campaign was held in all viticultural areas of the country, on more than 2.500 km, particularly in Dealu Mare – Vrancea area. The purpose of the campaign is to promote Romanian wines, wine cellars as tourist destinations, the professionals in wine industry, as well as the producers of viticultural machines.

At VINTEST 2014 the visitors will have the occasion to taste wines in a first-rate company such as the best sommeliers and oenologists, to find out interesting details about wine evolution, to directly interact with representatives of machines’ producers. At this year’s edition, there are art and part in the salon 15 wine producers and international guests from Germany and Hungary.

Within the same event, Bucharest Cup in Culinary Art organized by the Association of Tourism Cooks and Confectioners is going to be making headlines.

According to the organizers, the visitors will benefit of prizes consisting in wine on a daily basis, and on Sunday, October 26, starting 12.00, the big winner of the “Buy a ticket at VINTEST” raffle will be announced. He / she will win his / her weight’s counter value in wine. The entrance fee is RON 20.

On the other hand, Romania has registered this year, on account of unfavorable meteorological conditions, a 20 per cent decrease in wine production, to 4,1 million hectoliters, yet it ranks 12 in the producers’ chart at global level, according to the International Organization of Grape-vine and Wine. Bulgaria has registered an even higher decrease regarding wine production, specifically 30 per cent, which equals 1,2 million hectoliters. It ranks 18 in the aforementioned chart.

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