Vodafone brings Industry 4.0 in Romania through its Supernet 4G network


Vodafone Romania keeps the innovation at high standards. This time, it is about new business solutions launched under the Industry 4.0 umbrella, a collective term which describes the fourth industrial revolution. According to Vodafone Romania officials, this Industry 4.0 comprises automated manufacturing and data exchange technologies which come as a natural next step after the digital revolution.

“Industry 4.0 is now picking up speed on domestic market. Romania has a great potential to grow its Industry 4.0 footprint and all business users can benefit even more from our fastest network in Europe, with an extended 4G coverage and state of the art embedded security solutions,” Markus Lause (photo), Director, Enterprise Business Unit said in a press conference on Wednesday.

Through Industry 4.0, Vodafone Romania offers its users tailored services, ranging from Connected Cabinets, Digital Media Signage and Video Surveillance as a Service to Managed Asset Tracking.

Thus, the Connected Cabinets solution enables the businesses to constantly manage their stock and have visibility on their most capital-intensive assets through an online and mobile-ready platform, with real time indicators, such as exact location, functionality, temperature and weight.

With the new Media Signage service, businesses can communicate and manage digital media on their owned displays in an efficient manner, remote, online and real time. The solution also allows improved customer interest and engagement tracking for the own or third-party advertising displayed.

Video Surveillance as a Service is a system that works via Vodafone cloud, through a secured platform, integrating mobile and third party video features. It allows for an integrated and virtualized video control anytime, on any device, with real time and easy web-based administration, as well as a remote access.

The latest Managed Asset Tracking service enables the business client to visualize the real time positioning of its fleet, optimize sales and distribution routes as well as improve fuel and time consumption. Aside from the real time locator component, the service also displays the estimated time of arrival of the vehicle.

Vodafone Romania also offers all its business customers who activate new M2M services the first 50 SIMs for free, until the end of the year. Through the new service, the telecomm operator estimates that 730,000 M2M SIMs will be on the market at end-2015 and a market share of 65 percent on the domestic M2M market.

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