Vodafone Romania purchases 100% green energy for its operations, starting with this year  

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Vodafone Romania announced a major step within its strategic objective to reduce the carbon footprint and the environmental impact. Thus, starting with 2020, Vodafone Romania purchases 100% green energy for its operations, from renewable sources, following the renegotiation of contracts with energy suppliers. For the green energy purchased in 2020, the certificates of origin will be issued by the suppliers at the beginning of next year or at half-year, case by case.

The use of green energy across the consumption footprint is one of the measures by which Vodafone Romania aims to increase energy efficiency, to reduce the carbon footprint and, implicitly, the environmental impact.

The shift to renewable energy from the conventional one in our activities represents an important step in Vodafone’s sustainable business strategy, which is based on respect for the environment. The energy required to power the network infrastructure represents most of the energy consumption in our operations. To the benefit and interest of our customers, we continue to increase the capacity and performance of our networks so that we can handle growing amounts of data and improve the speed and quality of services offered. However, this inevitably means higher energy requirements. Therefore, operating energy-efficient networks is a priority and a major objective for us. In addition to using green energy for our operations, we have focused on implementing the most efficient solutions that reduce energy consumption, starting with our technical centers, up to the services we offer to our customers”, said Catalin Buliga, Technology Director, Vodafone and UPC Romania.

Vodafone Group has committed by 2025 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and purchase 100% of its electricity from renewable sources.

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