What do Romanian managers expect in the first two months of 2023?


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About 8,000 managers surveyed quarterly by the National Institute of Statistics estimate that between January and February 2023 we will see a relative stability of activity and the number of employees in the manufacturing industry, retail trade and services, but also a sharp increase in prices in retail trade and construction, despite a natural reduction in activity in this sector.

Manufacturing industry

In the conjuncture survey from December 2022, the managers in the manufacturing industry predict for the next three months, relative stability of the production volume (conjunctural balance -4%). Regarding the number of employees, relative stability is estimated, the short-term balance being -1% for the total manufacturing industry.

Industrial product prices are forecast to increase in the next three months (short-term balance +34%).


According to the estimates of December 2022, in the construction activity, a decrease in production volume will be recorded for the next three months (short-term balance -24%). Managers estimate a moderate decrease in the number of employees (short-term balance -11%).

Regarding the prices of construction works, their increase is expected (current balance +36%).


In the retail sector, the managers have estimated for the next three months, a trend of relative stability of the economic activity (short-term balance -2%). The volume of orders addressed to suppliers of goods by commercial units will register relative stability (short-term balance -3%). Employers forecast relative stability in the number of employees for the next three months (short-term balance +4%). Managers of commercial companies estimate a sharp increase in retail prices (short-term balance +43%).


According to estimates from December 2022, the demand for services (turnover) will register relative stability in the next three months (short-term balance -3%). Relative stability of the number of employees is estimated (short-term balance -2%). According to the managers’ opinion, the sales or billing prices of services will tend to increase (current balance +24%).

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