What the Influencer Marketing market looked like in 2022


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Despite the geopolitical context in the region, which made companies more reluctant in the first part of the year, the Influencer Marketing market has revived in 2022, marking new trends and strengthening the relationship between brands and content creators.

The main phenomena that marked the year 2022 are visible in the MOCAPP analysis, based on developments and internal statistics.


  1. Brands are accelerating: more campaigns in 2022

Brands regained their energy in 2022 and consumers resumed their consumption habits.

The number of influencers involved in campaigns processed through MOCAPP increased by more than 50% compared to 2021, reaching 335. At the same time, the total number of influencers on the platform increased by 25%.

As far as the fields of specialization of the preferred brand influencers are concerned, Lifestyle is in the first position, while it was not even present in the top 5 in 2021.

  1. TikTok beats Facebook.

Instagram remains the number 1 network in Romania in terms of the number of campaigns in MOCAPP. But the popularity of the platform owned by Meta is decreasing: 58.9% in 2022, compared to 79% in 2021.

YouTube and TikTok are gaining ground, increasingly capturing the attention of brands and agencies: over 30% of campaign deliverables this year, compared to just 13% in 2021.

Social Media: (2022 vs 2021)

  1. Instagram: 58.9% vs 79%
  2. YouTube: 17.6% vs 8%
  3. TikTok: 13% vs 5%
  4. Facebook: 6.8% vs 5%
  1. Video content drives detached

In terms of formats used by clients to promote themselves with the help of influencers, in 2022 video content leads by far: over 75% of influencer campaigns were based on Video deliverables!

Forms for the attention of brands: (2022 vs 2021)

  1. Instagram Story: 37% vs 41%
  2. YouTube Video: 17.6% vs 5.2%
  3. Instagram Photo: 13.7% vs 30.7%
  4. TikTok Video: 13% vs 5.2%
  5. Instagram Video: 8.2% vs 5.8%
  6. Facebook Photo: 6.8% vs 4.4%
  7. Blogs & Other: 3.6% vs 6.6%
  1. The brand-influencer relationship is maturing.

“Professionalism” is the keyword governing the relationship between brands and content creators in 2022. Brands choose some of their content creators based on the results of previous campaigns, but they also include, in most campaigns this year, new names of influencers with whom they have not collaborated before.

Thus, over 85% of the creators invited to participate in advertising campaigns in 2022 belong to the category of micro and nano-influencers (between 5,000 and 100,000 followers).

  1. Romanian companies are gaining courage

If in previous years entrepreneurial brands had a very low presence in all MOCAPP statistics, in 2022 they looked more openly at the area of influencer marketing.

Startups from various industries have been brave enough to work with influencers and opinion leaders from the very first months after launch. The reasons are various, related to the growth of the Romanian entrepreneurial market but also to the special offers that MOCAPP launched in 2022. 

“This year we launched a new type of subscription – Research – which allows access to our database and all our statistics, which encouraged Romanian brands to come closer. The first step to engaging with content creators is information: companies learn data and statistics about influencers, see what consumers in their communities look like and what cities they come from, what their fees are, and so on. The impact is visible if we look at the number of subscriptions in 2022: 72% of the new subscriptions came for Research, and the number of eCommerce brands doubled”, mentions Florin Grozea, founder and CEO of MOCAPP.

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