What would Romanians do if they won EUR 100,000 tomorrow?

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If tomorrow earned EUR 100,000, the Romanians’ first option would be business and real estate investments and travels, Dragos Neacsu CEO of Erste Asset Management said Tuesday in a press conference, quoting an expert study.

More precisely, 15.5 percent of Romanians choose to invest in business, 15.1 percent – in travels and 14.2 percent prefer investing in real estate.

However, if they would earn EUR 100,000, 11.5 percent of Romanians would buy a house, 8.4 percent would invest, 5.7 percent would invest in the child’s future, 5.4 percent would pay off the loan, 5.2 percent would save through bank deposits, 4.9 percent would buy land, 3.9 percent would think at other people who need help or would donate, 3 percent would buy a car, while 1.5 percent would choose investment funds.

Erste Asset Management official stressed that Romanians’ main sources of information when it comes to investment funds are relatives (43.7 percent), financial advisors (42.7 percent) and websites (38.6 percent).

The study shows that newspapers and magazines are a source of information for 24.1 percent of the respondents, Facebook – for 10.5 percent and specialized books for only 7.4 percent.

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