Where do Bucharesters go using ride-hailing: to the airport, the Old Town and shopping malls

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Four months after starting the operations on the Romanian market, the e-hailing app Yango presents the most popular places preferred by the Bucharest riders.

Bucharesters order rides mainly from Old Town Area, Cotroceni, Floreasca and Gara de Nord, and the shopping centers in those districts.

On the other hand, the most frequent destinations are Henri Coandă International Airport, the Old Town, landmarks preferred both by Bucharest citizens and tourists visiting the city.

Ever since the first week of its launch in Romania, Yango covered successfully the transportation needs of Bucharest residents from all parts of the city. Besides the orders placed in the most popular central areas, Bucharesters order rides from all neighborhoods, the most popular of them: Titan, Vitan, Regie or Berceni. We will continue to extend our number of fleet partners to offer the most complete ride-hailing service in Bucharest“, said Andrei Voicu, Director of Yango in Romania.

According to Yango, Friday is the most popular day for orders, being the last working day before the weekend, when most of the users go out in the evening or go shopping.

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