Where does Romania stand in the Global Engineering Capability report?


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Romania ranks 54th out of 98 countries worldwide on knowledge in a global engineering capability survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit in the attempt of examining the critical gap talent and its implications for innovation and safety.

The recent report, “The Global Engineering Capability Review”, commissioned by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the Royal Academy of Engineering, reveals that many countries face a shortage of well-trained, highly skilled engineers.

“The study reveals gaps in data collection and analysis regarding the engineering workforce, as well as concerns about the quality of engineering education and a lack of professional development opportunities. Addressing these gaps will require engagement from policymakers, business executives and the global engineering community to foster engineering talent and produce more reliable, accurate and comparable data on the engineering workforce.”

The report also shows that Romania ranks 40th in terms of engineering workforce,  33rd on the national engineering industry and even 23th in the world on digital infrastructure, but it ranks poorly in terms of total engineering infrastructure (the 69th place) and on safety standards (58th).

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