Which cities in Romania are racing for the highest salaries?

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People living in Bucharest or Clu-Napoca are making good money, a study on the Romanian labour force shows.

In Bucharest, the monthly average wage is exceeding RON 3,600, while in Cluj it is higher than RON 3,100. However, the study estimates that Cluj might overcome Bucharest in the upcoming years.

The average salaries of RON 2,600 per month are reported in other big cities like Iasi, Sibiu, Brasov or Timisoara.

On the opposite side, the lowest average salaries are encountered in 19 counties in Moldavia, Oltenia and Ardeal.

The best paid employees are those working in the IT and financial services, but consistent increases have been reported in constructions.

The pay rises from the public sector are also worth mentioning, the ones from defence, administration, healthcare and social assistance and education.

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