Wielputz Automotive kicks off building the factory in Craiova

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The representatives of Germany-based Wielputz Automotive start the construction works at the car parts factory hosted by the High-Tech Industry Park, in Craiova, the economic platform of the County Council, where they leased more than 3 hectares of land, local media informs.

The investment value amounts to EUR 10 million and the production is expected to start on September 1 this year, if there will be no other problems, Dieter Hallabrin, Plant Manager Wielputz Automotive Craiova assured. There are already staff sent to training in Germany and 60 persons will have a job by year-end. After five years of activity, there are chances that their number to reach 500.

According to Hallabrin, the factory would be a modern one, and the jobs would be safe. It will work in two shifts and the company plans to hire mainly women.

According to Hans Schultes, CEO Wielputz Automotive, the unit in Craiova is the company’s first foreign investment, as it can not be expanded in Germany.

The company has a tradition of more than 100 years, the range of products starts from simple systems like bending metal threads, to high-tech fueling or cooling systems for combustion engines. Our main customers are all the world-renowned companies – Daimler, Volkswagen, BMW, General Motors, Ford.

Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu also attended the Wielputz Automotive Craiova cornerstone event on Thursday. On this occasion she said the German firm would most likely be the beneficiary of de minimis aid and the apprenticeship program.

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