Will Bitcoin Gambling Overtake Traditional Gambling the Future of iGaming?


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Using bitcoin to pay on gambling sites is no longer such a novelty. Many online casinos have taken this opportunity to expand their client base and to make their payment process more streamlined and faster. Some are even claiming that this practice will overtake traditional gambling payments soon enough.

There’s at least some truth to that given how fast the technology is spreading. There are advantages to using bitcoin for both the players and the casinos. At this point, there’s also an advantage in the novelty of it since most governments don’t have policies in regards to taxing bitcoin gains.

What’s Bitcoin gambling?

Bitcoin gambling is gambling that uses this cryptocurrency as a payment method. In terms of games, overall rules and chances are the same as with traditional gambling. The only difference is in how you’re getting paid and you transfer funds.

Within this, there’s a variety of advantages that will make the process easier for both the player and the casino. Gambling by using Bitcoin as a payment method will also be less expensive for both parties since there are fewer fees and fewer third-party payments.

What Are the Main Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling?

There are numerous benefits to using Bitcoin and more of them will become apparent as the practice grows and more casinos accept it as a valid payment method. Here are a few important advantages from the standpoint of an average player.

The simplicity of the process

Making and collecting payments in Bitcoin is simple and smooth. That’s due to the infrastructure behind the cryptocurrency. There’s nothing a casino needs to do in order to achieve this, the whole process is operated by the cryptocurrencies themselves.

A player doesn’t have to register or provide any proof of their identity to send and make these payments. This is both convenient and a safety measure important in today’s online environment.


Online security and safety are essential and players need to know that their payments will be made even when the casino they are playing in is located across the world. This can be accomplished without any work from the casinos, by using Bitcoin as a payment method.

Payments made using Bitcoin are also transparent and easy to track.  That way any disputes can be solved quickly and with the proper mechanisms put in place by the currency itself. It provides the players with peace of mind and means fewer expenses for the casino.

Being anonymous online 

Since there’s no process of registration and no need for providing IDs, the payments can be made anonymously. They are not tied to any bank account or card. Instead, the payment is made to an e-wallet that can’t be traced to your name.

This is an increasingly important feature nowadays since it’s become so difficult to pay for anything online without it being traced by both corporations and the government.

No Restrictions 

There are geographical restrictions to gambling since not all countries allow for the practice. Online gambling is a way to escape those restrictions and to start playing from anywhere in the world by using the services of casinos abroad. Paying and withdrawing payments to those casinos was often a hurdle on your way when it comes to playing online. This isn’t the case anymore since Bitcoin payments are truly global.

That means that you can make and withdraw payments regardless of where you are and what are the local regulations regarding gambling and taxation. Have in mind that this can change soon since countries are making legislation about Bitcoin in order to address it.

Shape Of Things to Come

These benefits are available to anyone who uses Bitcoins to pay for their gambling needs. However, chances are that there will be others in the future as well, as more casinos accept the payment method as a legitimate one and as they open up to players who use it.

This is starting to happen already since no casino wants to be left behind in the race towards innovation and progress. It will start with the bigger and more technically savvy casinos but soon all of them will accept Bitcoin, making it a ubiquitous part of the gambling industry.

The Government and Their Response

Now when Bitcoins aren’t that much of a novelty anymore the governments across the world are looking for ways to tax this type of income and pay closer attention to the transactions. This may be difficult due to the technology itself but it’s something to be mindful of in the near future.

New legislation is being introduced on the matter in many countries and the proper tax authorities are changing their policies about Bitcoin. Both players and casinos need to stay informed on this and make plans accordingly.

To Sum Up

Bitcoin casinos are taking over the industry and at this point, it can be said that they are the future of it. Using this payment method has many advantages for both the player and the casino and it will continue to be appealing in the years to come.

Gambling with Bitcoin makes truncations easier, more transparent, and faster. It also allows the players to gamble anywhere on the globe and to make sure that their payments are secure and anonymous. More casinos will pick up on this practice as the cryptocurrency becomes more popular and its benefits more widely known.


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