Zentiva Romania increased production capacity by 12.5% at factory in Bucharest last year

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Zentiva Romania has increased its production capacity by 12.5% at the factory in Bucharest last year, delivering over 100 million commercial units, a press release of the company announced.

In 2018, the company reported a turnover of RON 461.4 million and a profit of RON 262.6 million, higher than the one obtained in 2017 due to Zentiva’s split from Sanofi.

Zentiva also invested RON 27.72 million in the production and development of generic medicines in 2018.

Zentiva is a major player of the generic medicine market. We have a considerable contribution in the healthcare system by providing efficient and accessible treatments that are reducing pressure on the public resources allotted to medicines. We would like to maintain a dialogue with the authorities on solutions that would allow local producers of generic medicines to increase the patients’ access to medical services, to invest on the local market and to provide economic support to communities,” said Simona Cocoș, General Manager Zentiva Romania.

Zentiva Romania has a market share of 16.1% on the generic medicines market, and reported an annual growth of 6.3% during March 2018-February 2019, according to IQVIA MAT.


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