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BVB: ‘Odd lot market’ eliminated as of December 2

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) makes another step towards developed market infrastructure. Starting December 2, 2014, all orders placed for execution at the BVB, for all instruments traded on BVB, can represent any volumes that the investor wants to trade, a press release informs. This comes with the removal of the odd lot market segment and with the elimination of any special requirements as to size of the orders, for all markets run by BVB.
“We are creating a situation, which is normal in developed markets, eliminating restrictions when it comes to the basic element as the number of shares, bonds or other instruments the investor may wish to buy or sell. It allows for flexibility, lower cost, more freedom and faster reactions to changing market situations. We are proud that, by end of 2014, a big part of the modernization project implemented by the BVB Group and market participants since the beginning of the year will be completed and running” said Ludwik Sobolewski, BVB CEO.
Following the removal of odd lot market segment, the only execution segment remaining will be the current Regular market. It will bring increased efficiency of the trading process, lower specificity of the local market and more standardization, resulting in a good environment for the present and new members of BVB.

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