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Capping of gas price: Finance Ministry erases draft from website. Minister Teodorovici confirms

The draft on gas capping is no longer available on the website of the Ministry of Public Finance.

MFP seems to have withdrawn the draft that envisaged reducing and capping the gas price to RON 55 /MWh until June 30, 2021 from its website, hotnews.ro reports.

Previously, the draft was in the “Press” section, together with the communiqués, and the draft is not posted at the chapter “Decisional Transparency” either.

In a statement for Digi 24 TV private broadcaster, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici has confirmed later on Friday that the draft has been erased from the website.

“We have taken it out, we’ll discuss the issue when everyone is ready. (…) This could last years, I don’t know. We’ll discuss it when we understand what competition on the real market means, what we wanted to achieve and many other things,” Minister Teodorovici said.

The Finance Ministry proposes on Thursday the capping of natural gas price from domestic production until June 30, 2021 to RON 55/Mwh, posting a draft on the website.

The draft aiming to cap the gas price from domestic production is necessary, MFP argued, because the liberalisation of sale price for natural gas, imposed after April 1, 2017, has led to the continuous growth of prices, by 29.5% and the estimated growth in March 2019 is of 33.75%.

The grounding note read that the sale price of natural gas by domestic producers on the centralised market during April 2017-August 2018 has grown from RON 70.92 to RON 77.72.

“There are two operators which increase the prices one by one, and the other one reacts immediately. The assumed investments haven’t been completed, but the price is increasing unjustifiably, people suffer and the economy suffers. And some call it a communist measure. I had no connection with communism,” Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici said on Thursday,


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