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Cartel Alfa trade unionists request the resignation of Fin Min Teodorovici

The Cartel Alfa trade union requests the resignation of Finance Minister, Eugen Todorovici, whose recent statements are considered as contrary to the commitments on which PSD has received the governance. The trade unionists point to the proposal to eliminate the minimum wage on economy, to the amendments proposed for the day labourer law and to the differentiated heath packages, digi24.ro informs.

A Cartel Alfa release on Monday argues that the recent statements of Mr. Teodorovici are contrary to the PSD commitments to promote policies to improve the citizens’ welfare, to eliminate discrepancies and to strengthen the public services, as well as solidarity within and between generations.

“The minimum wage has remained the last stronghold in the mechanism of redistribution destroyed by the pro-capital neo-liberal decisions (low taxation of capital and profit, high taxation of labour, the blocking of collective bargaining, etc.),” trade unionists say.

They also criticize the minister’s initiatives in Parliament. The day labourer law, came into force in 2011, for seasonal activities, now the fields have increased and more than half of the sectors of activity may hire day labourers, they say. They are excluded from the social protection systems and to a certain extent from the labour law, as they have no right to association and they do not pay social security contributions. “If we eliminate more and more tax payers from the system, isn’t the sustainability of the health system going to be affected?” the trade unionists ask.

They criticize the proposal of differentiated health services packages, according to the amounts paid by the tax payer – “probably because he does not understand the state’s social dimension, the principles of universality, equity and solidarity on which the public health system is built.”

The trade union also says that the initiatives coming from the Finance Ministry to amend the legal framework are delivered to the social partners only one day ahead, so that they do not have the time to submit a documented point of view and thus, a real dialogue on the issue is impossible.

“Considering all these, Cartel Alfa requests the immediate resignation of the Minister of Public Finances, Orlando Teodorovici,” the release reads.

“We hope that his successor will be a person that will really share the social-democratic values of the ruling party, who will understand that a segregated society, with many poor people and very few reach people, with extreme inequalities, with legal and tax instability, is not performing over long term,” the trade unionists conclude.


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