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Casoca, one of the most beautiful and pure waterfalls in Buzau County

Casoca Falls, also known as Pruncea Fall, is located in Podu Calului Massif in about 10 kilometers away from the Siriu Dam. The impressive waterfall is the most beautiful cascade in Buzau County. It is a waterfall that measures 17 meters and it is situated on Casoca River, bearing the same name.

The entire basin of Casoca River covers an area of 5,990 ha, out of which three quarters are on the left and only a quarter on the right part of the river. The whole basin is coated with beech, fir and spruce. The main water-course of the river goes up to 16 kilometers length. But Casoca has countless creeks and streams with enough water throughout the year, such as: Trestia, Pruncea, Casoca Mica, Balabanul. Together with the main water-course it reaches to over 35 km length. Casoca’s width, when the water level is normal, doesn’t exceed 6 meters. Its depth is less than 50 cm, except for the really rainy days when the water is much deeper.

According to a local legend, on the left side of the waterfall there is an opening which is where the outlaw Gheorghelas (Haiducul Gheorghelas), a former pandour which belonged to Tudor Vladimirescu’s army, was the one who controlled these lands between 1821 and 1827. Therefore, every year, on June 1, dwellers from Gura Teghii celebrate the outlaw Gheorghelas.

Although it is located in an isolated area, the waterfall is the ideal place for a getaway especially in those hot summer days. To reach Pruncea Waterfall you can access DN 10, from Buzau to Brasov, passing next to Nehoiu city. You follow Casoca River course up before reaching Siriu Dam. In about 2 km, tourists can go on foot, the descent to the waterfall being made way before you arrive to the bridge in the area.

When you arrive in the area, consider visiting Siriu Barrier Lake, as well as Hartagu Camp.

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