BCR puts up its old head office for sale

The Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) is putting up for sale its old head office, the one located in the Universitate Square in Bucharest. The building, built in 1906, currently considered a historical monument, used to serve as the BCR’s headquarters ...

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Neogen invests EUR 500,000 in real estate classifieds platform

Neogen, owned by local entrepreneur Calin Fusu, and which has BestJobs, Vivre or Zumzi in its portfolio, is investing EUR 500,000 in setting up a real estate classifieds platform, Casta.ro, which aims at replacing the percentage commission out of the ...

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The local real estate market, in the sight of Asian investors

Major Asian investors, like groups from China and South Korea, have set eyes on the local real estate market, exploring the potential to invest directly in the primary commercial markets. It is feasible that the first transaction could occur by the ...

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AFI Europe’s parent-company, AIP, acquired by two Israeli real estate investors

Africa Israel Investments, international holding and investments company based in Israel, sold the controlling stake in Africa Israel Properties (AIP), the parent-company of AFI Europe. AFI Europe is present on the local market through AFI Europe Romania, one of the ...

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