EXCLUSIVE: Smithfield Ferme plan to keep domestic market as main outlet

Interview with Cristina Bodea, sustainability manager Smithfield Romania.   Smithfield has won in 10 years of activity in Romania a leading position in the field of pig breeding and pork industry, which contributes to improving the industry’s standards and provides ...

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Old Romanian brands defying time

Time resistance turns a well-known product or service into a brand. Romania has its share of good stories that have survived in time. Some of them won the final battle, resisting throughout transition’s hardship, others just lost the fight and ...

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Turkish TIKA invests in sport research to help Romanian athletes gain performance

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) launched on Tuesday its first project in Bucharest, inaugurating the new lab of the National Institute for Sport Research in the presence of the Minister for Youth and Sports, Gabriela Szabo, and important representatives ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Love for contemporary dance, design, filmmaking and fine arts binds Austria to Romania

Interview with Mrs. ELISABETH MARINKOVIC, director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Bucharest.     As this interview is included in the special supplement on Austria’s National Day, I want to ask you how do Austrians celebrate this day? How ...

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Vocational education of Romanian students through o’SCAR

Even if dual education system in Romania does not officially exist yet, foreign companies on the local market are very interested in the concept and have already begun to launch projects according to the requirements of the system which is ...

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