Romania is the fastest-growing destination for UK travelers

A report has revealed the fastest-growing destinations for UK travellers. Guided group tour company, On The Go Tours, analysed data from the United Nations World Tourism Organization 2018 Tourism Highlights Report to find that Romania is the fastest-growing holiday destination ...

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The most 15 enchanting Romanian villages featured in El Pais

One of the most important newspapers in Spain, El Pais has published an article praising the most 15 enchanting villages in Romania, recommending Spanish tourists to visit them. Iconic spots like Ciocanesti, Jurilovca, Sirnea, Rasinari, Botiza,  Rimetea or Viscri have ...

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Romanians’ favorite travel destinations on Easter this year

Big European cities remain the Romanians’ favorite travel destinations, at least for their upcoming Easter holiday. Rome and Barcelona are topping their preferences, reads statistics by momondo.ro, but Romanians will also head to Istanbul, London, Amsterdam, Vienna or Lisbon. While ...

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Premiere ultra-marathon: to swimm across the longest seven lakes in Romania

An NGO from Cluj-Napoca is organising, as a first in Romania, a swimming ultra-marathon, the target being to swim across the longest seven lakes in the country, to raise awareness on the vital importance of water, but also to promote ...

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Tourism minister presented the new video clip to promote Romania

Tourism minister has released on Facebook and on Antena 3 private broadcaster the new video clip to promote Romania. The video clip last three minutes and 33 seconds, but shorter versions are in store in the upcoming days, as the ...

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Race for the European Capital of Smart Tourism kicks off

Last week the European Commission launched the competition for the European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020. This initiative rewards European cities for outstanding, innovative and sustainable tourism practices. In order to compete for the 2020 European Capital of Smart Tourism title, ...

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