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CCR rejects appeal against referendum law. Referendum to redefine family possibly set on June 10

PSD deputy Florin Iordache proposed on Thursday that the referendum to redefine the family concept should take place on June 10. The Family Coalition is backing the referendum, asking for the Constitution’s amendment, so that it should clearly mention that family is based on the marriage between a man and a woman.

The Family Coalition says it has raised three million signatures to endorse the referendum in order to block any gay marriage.

At present, the Romanian Constitution stipulates that “family is based on a freely consented marriage between partners”, with the organization asking for a more explicit text, namely that marriage is officiated between a man and a woman.

According to article 151 of the Constitution, the draft law revising the Constitution must be adopted by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, with at least two thirds of the MPs of each chamber. The referendum is held in 30 days at the most since the draft bill on revision is adopted.

However it all depends on the referendum law. Today, the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) has rejected the Opposition’s notification on the draft amending the referendum law, sources told news agencies.

Save Romania Union (USR) announced early this month that, together with PNL and PMP, will notify the Constitutional Court again on the referendum law after a previous notification failed.

USR says that ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) manipulates the public opinion and uses the pretext of the referendum to re-define the family concept in order to pass a draft law that is cutting Romanian President’s prerogatives.

“One of the mechanisms that PSD has been serving for a year and a half is to weaken the other institutions, hoping to go for a ruling manner similar to Hungary and Poland, through the Government and the Parliament. Practically, it’s an attack against the rule of law, by using the issue of the family referendum,” USR chairman Dan Barna said.

President Klaus Iohannis announced on April 18 that he would not promulgate the referendum law in the form it had reached the Presidential Administration, and that he would notify the CCR.

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