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Change of strategy? PSD’s Dragnea wants emergency summoning of the Executive Committee, sources say

PSD chairman, Liviu Dragnea, reportedly wants to put an end to the tensions within the party and will summon the sitting of the party’s Executive Committee in late September. This is what the PSD Bihor branch leader, Ioan Mang, says, following talks with the social-democrat leader.

“There are certain issues to be discussed by the Executive Committee later in September, it will be summoned,” Mang said, confirming that Liviu Dragnea wants the sitting to take place, digi24.ro informs.

“He said it himself. These rumours from the past two days have to be discussed and clarified, false news about groupings having contrary opinions. Yesterday this was the general conclusion, including of Mr. Dragnea’s, that the committee needs to be summoned urgently in order to close the subject,” Ioan Mang said.

However, the alleged opponents from within the party kept silent on Friday, no information surfaced about further movements.

On Thursday, social-democrat sources said that more than 20 party branch leaders intend to request PSD Chairman, Liviu Dragnea, by letter, to summon the National Executive Committee. The demarche is reportedly supported by Paul Stanescu, Niculae Badalau and Mihai Tudose, who have managed to mobilize other heads of organisations. The sources said that 28 leaders have signed a letter requesting Liviu Dragnea to summon the Executive Committee sitting. The signatories reportedly want a debate on the way the party is led and its future.

According to the sources, the county branches requesting Dragnea to step back are the organisations of Olt, Argeș, Giurgiu, Brăila, Ilfov, Dâmbovița, Bistrița, Prahova, Vrancea, Vaslui, Buzău, Constanţa, Cluj, Caraş Severin, Timiș, Bucharest and three district organisations. The most recent branch which joined the move is the Cluj organization.


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