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Changing weather. Pouring rains and hail in the coming days

Romanian weather forecasters have announced heavy rains and hail coming in the days to come, particularly in the western country due to the thermal instability. However, temperatures stay high and the weather will improve during the weekend.

There will be pouring rains, thunderstorms, strong wind and hail conditions in the next days. There will pretty warn in the western regions, 27C, 28C, and amid this instability, changing weather will be in force particularly in the afternoon and in the evening.

The weather will be unstable in the other regions as well, while temperatures will reach normal values for this time of the year.

On the other hand, temperatures will be lower in the mountains, with pouring rains, thunderstorms and strong wind ahead.

Temperatures will be quite low for this month on the seaside, with maximum reaching 18C, sometimes 21C, most probably on Friday. Rains will prevail on the seaside as well, on Wednesday and Thursday, but the weather will improve on Friday.

There will be maximum 24-25C in Bucharest in the next two days, but changing weather will prevail, with rains and thunderstorms in store. The lowest temperatures will range from 12C to 14C in the night.

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