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CNS Cartel Alfa and BNS trade unions to stage protests as of Tuesday

The trade unions in the defence industry, CNS Cartel Alfa and BNS will stage protests, on Tuesday and Wednesday, in front of the Government offices, to draw attention on the Executive’s failure to meet the commitments regarding the industry.

The protests will start Tuesday and Wednesday at 11.00h and are expected to last until 13.00h, realitatea.net reports.

The defence industry employees claim the Government failed to plan the minimum investments that could help the companies in the defence industry develop trade relations (upgrading programmes, refurbishment, development for the companies in the field) so that the Romanian companies could face competition on the world market.

“As an option, these trade companies could be turned into national agencies, as the European Union provides, so that they operate according to a national strategy in the field, and not based on competition on a free market. We plead for amending the offset law in order to impose a requirement that a percentage of military procurement contracts are invested in the Romanian economy, so as to ensure that a total of 2% of GDP remains in the country and help develop the domestic industry. In the context in which the current Government, the political parties that support it and the previous one argue that the defence sector is a priority, we demand that this materializes in meeting the commitments and urgently addressing the reported problems,” the communiqué signed by CNS Cartel ALFA and BNS reads.

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