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Complaint against PSD deputy who said „homosexuality is a disease”

Pro Democratia association has notified the National Council for Combating Discrimination over PSD deputy Catalin Radulescu’s recent statements, arguing his statements would have discriminated the LBTQ community, when stating that homosexuality is a disease that must be treated.

After the failure of the family referendum that was trying to amend the Constitution and redefine family to ban same-sex marriage, Social Democrat MP Catalin Radulescu, famous for his controversial stances in the past, said that the gay sexual orientation is „an aberration” and „a disease”.

No doctor will accept but this: that the sexual orientation, other than the natural one between a man and a woman, is a sick sexual orientation. It is a disease”, Radulescu used to say, adding that homosexuals are born this way, like a man would be born with a certain malady.

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