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Congratulation messages from here and abroad

President of R. Moldova Nicolae Timofti on Tuesday sent congratulations to his Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis on the National Day, underlining that December 1 is a celebration occasion in the “two Romanian states”.

“It’s a celebration for all Romanians, including for those on the left side of Prut River. On December 1, 1918, Bessarabia was already part of Romania, which represents for us, the descendants of our great forerunners, a true reason of pride,” Timofti said.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also delivered his Romanian counterpart Lazar Comanescu a congratulation message: “I strongly believe that the deeply rooted friendship and the tight cooperation between our countries will further increase in the upcoming years (…) and I am also convinced that as allies and strategic partners, we’ll closely work together to contribute to our region’s stability and prosperity.”

US Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm on Tuesday addressed a video message in Romanian on the National Day, saying he is impressed by the Romanians’ involvement and commitment.

“Dear Romanian friends, these months since I have been to Romania you rained kindness and friendship down on me and you impressed me through your involvement in the community and through the commitment to prosperity, democracy and security. I want to thank you today and I wish you Happy birthday, dear Romanians, Happy birthday, Romania,” says the American ambassador’s video message posted on Facebook.

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