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Court of Justice of the EU: Romanian State to refund the environmental stamp

The environmental tax has gone through more than ten amendments and each time the European Court considered it illegal and ordered the Romanian State to return the money. It is the same with the latest version of the tax, introduced in 2013.

According profit.ro, the Court of Justice of the European Union decided that the Romanian state is to return the environmental stamp, the car tax in force for second-hand cars, although the other forms of tax were also declared unlawful.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests (MMAP) says that the CJEU (Court of Justice of the EU) says, in fact, in its judgment of June 9 that it does not preclude a Member State from introducing a tax on vehicles to be applied to imported used motor vehicles on the occasion of their first registration in that Member State and to motor vehicles already registered in that Member State during the first transcripts of the ownership in the same state.

The Court precludes the Member State to exempt from that tax the already registered vehicles for which it was paid, but a former tax previously in force was not returned, after being declared incompatible with the EU law.

The Court ruled in a file involving Romanian Vasile Budişan, and the questions sent by the Cluj Court of Appeal to the Court of Justice of the EU represent the first steps towards declaring the illegality of the environmental stamp, in the current form.

Environment Ministry reacted on Monday to the decision of the European Court and announced the establishment of a working group that will review the steps to follow.

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