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Cross on Caraiman to be restored

The Cross on the Caraiman Peak, one of the most famous monuments in Romania, will be restored.

The cross commemorating the Romanian heroes killed in the WWI is perched on the Caraiman Peak in Bucegi Mountains.

The revamping project mounts to RON 19 M, with European funds worth RON 16 M and RON 3 M money from the Romanian Ministry of Defence.

The Defence minister Adrian Tutuianu and the European Funds minister Rovana Plumb have signed a financing project for the restoration works on Wednesday.

The Cross on Caraiman symbolizes the Romanian people itself, which, in the name of its greatest ideal, the national unity, has found the courage, the force, the intelligence and the spirit of sacrifice to succeed (…) It’s the duty of our generation to find the sources and the resources so that the cross’ symbol to stay alight for the generations to come, as the Great Union centennial approaches,” the Defence minister stated.

The minister estimated that restoration works will start in the spring next year.

The tallest Cross in the world

The cross on Caraiman, the tallest Cross in the world, which entered the Guiness Book in 2013, have been erected between 1926-1928, in the memory of the soldiers dead in WWI, with King Ferdinand and Queen Mary donating the money for the impressive monument.

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