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CSM Prosecutors’ Section: PM Dăncila has made serious, unsubstantiated allegations

The Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) prosecutors have reacted after the speech of Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă delivered to the European Parliament on Wednesday and accuse her of making unsupported allegations, antena3.ro reports.

“The prosecutors’ section has taken note with concern of the Prime Minister’s public statements on October 3, 2018 to the European Parliament plenary on the functioning of the judiciary in Romania.

The accreditation of the idea that by carrying out the legal obligation to record, by the prosecutors, any referral addressed to justice, including complaints against the magistrates (over 99% of these criminal files are based on such a referrals), a system of pressure is built on the magistrates, is a serious, unreasonable and unacceptable statement in a state of law.

The accrediting of general negative connotations to the exonerating solutions, which in Romania is within the normal limits at European level, is an approach that discredits the entire activity of the Public Ministry.

The Section underlines that all evidence administered during the criminal prosecution is subject to the legality assessment by judges only. The statement that the magistrates’ solutions would go beyond such an assessment made exclusively by judges, outside the legal framework or as a result of pressures of any kind, has a real potential to affect the independence, prestige and credibility of justice.

The Section assures that the prosecutors perform their duties in accordance with their constitutional role of defending the rule of law and the citizens’ rights and freedoms, having the law as their sole basis.

The prosecutors’ section reiterates the imperative of a balanced and responsible public message that strengthens the citizen’s confidence in the act of justice, a duty which also applies to all representatives of public institutions,” the press release reads.

In her speech delivered to the European Parliament, Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said: “Half of the magistrates in Romania had files opened on their names, by which they were influenced to make decisions. It’s not only me saying this, the magistrates say it. In the end, they were acquitted and the files were closed, but they had been dismissed. Today I’ve informed you about the abuses in Romania. From now on, we cannot ignore such issues, we cannot talk about the judiciary in Romania without considering these abuses.”

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