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Cyclone Olaf to hit Romania with rains and a wave of polar air

The end of the week will be marked by rainfall and a mass of cold air in all regions of the country, due to the fact that the cyclone Olaf, coming from the Italian region, will pass nearby Romania. The beginning of next week will be marked by low temperatures.

“The movement of cyclone Olaf is towards the area of ​​our country, to the Balkan area but it will affect us only with its periphery and will affect us with rainfall at the end of the week and early next week. We will register polar air penetration, colder air, so temperatures will be falling countrywide,” a meteorologist has told Adevarul.ro.

“Cyclone Olaf will bring a polar air because it comes from the area of ​​Italy, where it is now. In fact, it embraced a warm air mass with polar air mass. Polar air comes from the northern regions,” the specialist added.

It is an air formation in Northern Europe, in the Scandinavian Peninsula, which has stored a mass of polar air, cold air and is moving slowly to the territory of Romania and its effects will be felt during the weekend and further: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, adevarul.ro informs.

Although Romania will avoid very low temperatures in the coming period, there will still be situations when cold air will penetrate our country. The winter will not come in full force until January, the meteorologist added. “According to estimates, in December there might be some cold weather, snowfall in low areas, not just in the mountains. But the heavy snowfall will be registered in January and February, when we will have intervals of warm and cold periods,” the meteorologist said.


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