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Ex-Interior Oprea heard for culpable homicide. What did he convey to policeman Gigina’s family?

Dead policeman’s parents file complaint against DNA over delay in the file against ex-Interior minister Oprea

The parents of policeman Bogdan Gigina who died in a car accident while leading the former Interior minister Gabriel Oprea’s motorcade in the autumn of 2015 have filed a complaint to the Supreme Supreme. The complaint against anti-corruption prosecutors is related to the delay of the investigation in this case.

The first hearing was set on February 1.

In October last year, DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi said that the directorate had been constantly working on Oprea’s file. “We are investigating the circumstances when the victim’s death had occurred, practically we have the crime eyeing the manslaughter. Several expertized had been conducted (…) The file is to be concluded by the end of the year,” Kovesi said back then.

The Constitutional Court’s decision on the abuse of office has influenced DNA’ investigation in this case, with prosecutors having to establish of the primary legislation had been broken, meaning a law or an emergency ordinance.

Prosecutors are investigating Gabrile Oprea for abuse of office and manslaughter in this case.

DNA says at the moment of the accident, Bogdan Gigina was part of the motorcade accompanying former minister of Interior, Gabriel Oprea. The motorcade consisted in a traffic outrider, Bogdan Gigina and a police vehicle. At that moment, Oprea was returning home in Cotroceni district.

DNA claims that there are clues that Oprea has broken the legal provisions when asked for a motorcade on a regular basis.

According to the anti-corruption body, minister Oprea used to have five daily rides accompanied by the traffic police crews, which “was about three times more than the rides made for Romania’s President and twice more than the rides of the premier, the high ranking officials who were entitled to have motorcades on a regular basis according to legal provisions.

Prosecutors have been investigating this case for more than two years.

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