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1,000 gendarmes, police and fire-fighters mobilized for Steaua Bucharest vs. Manchester City match Tuesday evening
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Diaspora meeting – Gendarmerie says it will not clash with protesters. ‘We are not the Praetorian Guard’

The number of gendarmes to keep the order during the Diaspora rally in Victoriei Square on August 10 will be sized to fit the number of protesters, announced the Gendarmerie on Thursday, while stressing they will not clash with the citizens.

The Gendarmerie will not give an estimation of the number of participants, we don’t have a legal obligation. There are statements, calls for violence, hatred and death threats against gendarmes. Authorities will not tolerate such attitudes, we don’t accept violence and civic insubordination. All those who will launch instigation messages will be held accountable. The Romanian Gendarmerie will not clash with the citizens, we are keeping order, the safety of the demonstrators and of the others. We recommend all to delimit themselves of such attitudes. The Gendarmerie is an apolitical institution, we are not the Praetorian Guard,” said lieutenant-colonel Marius Militaru, chief of communication of the Romanian Gendarmerie.

The representatives of the Gendarmerie also asked the people attending the rally to peacefully protest.

„The goal of our missions is to private a public order climate. The number of the gendarmes will be gradually sized depending on the number of people in the public space. If extra forces are needed, we will add them. Our recommendations to the people is to have a civilized behavior, to respect the gendarmes’ indication, to avoid conflicts and to report anti-social conducts. There were some incidents during the past events. We had gendarmes who were bitten, scratched or hit. We ask people to not take voluminous luggage and children should stay away from those with anti-social conduct. We all want to get back home safe and sound,” said in his turn Georgian Enache, spokesperson of the Bucharest Gendarmerie.

Bucharest City Hall announced that the rally on August 10 have no organizers, for the people called for talks on the organization of the meeting have refused to sign the protocol and “to take the responsibility.

While the Bucharest City Hall says the rally of the Diaspora is approved, the Federation of Romanians Abroad announces it will not organize the meeting anymore. The Bucharest City Hall accused the organizers they try to induce the idea that it has got a negative response from authorities although the rally has already the go-ahead. Read more here.

Romanian customs, transited by over 220,000 people in the past 24 hours

Over 221, 700 people have crossed the Romanian borders both to enter and to exit the country in the past 24 hours, as well as about 53,000 vehicles, says the Border Police.

 The border guards informed 23 foreign citizens were not allowed to enter Romania for they did not meet the legal conditions under the law.

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