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Director General of Otopeni Airport resigns

The Director General of Otopeni Airport, Bogdan Stelian Mîndrescu, has resigned on Thursday without specifying the reasons that led to this decision. The Government control body has carried out checks that have revealed several irregularities.

Interim manager is the director of the company’s Technical Division, stiri.tvr.ro informs.

Bogdan Mîndrescu was appointed in this position in April 2017, at the age of 27.

The report, which came to public attention on Wednesday, highlighted that serious irregularities were found during January 2013-October 2017. The Premier’s control body analyzed a small part of the period when Mîndrescu held the leading position. However, no investments have been made in the months of its mandate – the runways are in the same state of decay.

According to the document, one of Otopeni Airport’s two runways does not offer effective landing and take-off conditions, while the other one can only be used for 60% of the length. More than RON 200 million has been allocated each year for capital repairs.

The runways have been filled with pits and cracks that affect the increasingly intense traffic.

“After a very heavy aircraft is landing or taking off, control is needed, because the surface of the runway can be exfoliated and it is very dangerous for the aircraft to take off or land,” Sorin Cuzuban, Air Traffic Controller, has told the public television.

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