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DNA asks for re-opening of file against Liviu Dragnea

The High Court of Cassation and Justice will announce its decision on the DNA’s request to re-open a criminal file against PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea on October 1.

The anti-corruption prosecutors filed the request on July 3 to re-open the criminal prosecution in a file that is targeting several people, among whom Liviu Dragnea, Mugur Bătăuş, Victor Piperea, Gheorghe Giui, Ion Mirancea, Victoriţa Păscuţu and Marian Fişcuci.

The latter, Marian Fişcuci was also prosecuted by DNA in December last year, being charged with tax evasion.

Fişcuci is also investigated in the „Tel Drum” file, next to Liviu Dragnea, Mugur Bătăuş and Victor Piperea, clerks within Teleorman County Council.

Dragnea, who is also speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, retorted on Thursday that it is “no surprise” that DNA had asked for the re-opening of a case against him. He argued he did not know at that time he was being investigated and that he only got “a declining to prosecute” ruling after five years.

“I say they’d better look in the archive, maybe there are other files to re-open. They were the ones who declined the prosecution in the first place. I didn’t even know I was being investigated back then,” Dragnea said.

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