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Update: Ex-PSD deputy Sebastian Ghita caught and detained in Belgrade, Serbia
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DNA asks prison sentence for ex-MP Sebastian Ghita

Anti-corruption prosecutors have asked that former Social Democrat MP and IT tycoon Sebastian Ghita should be sentenced to prison in the file where he is being on trial for corruption next to former police and prosecutor offices’ heads.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (Romania’s Supreme Court) is judging the last hearing in this case today. Ghita is charged with bribe taking, influence peddling and blackmail.

The prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) has reiterated the indictment during the hearing, while asking for prison sentences against all defendants, including Sebastian Ghita.

The prosecutor told the judge that this file is a benchmark one for the corruption and the links between the judiciary and the politics.

DNA says that Sebastian Ghita had built an operative informative network incompatible with the rule of law and that he has fled the country to get rid of the trial, so there is no guarantee he will actually serve the prison sentence.

Sebastian Ghita has fled Romania at the end of 2017 and he was later on arrested in Serbia. There is an ongoing extradition procedure in his  case.

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