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Doctors’ Alliance: The ‘Colectiv’ fire case has been poorly managed. ‘Romania has no conditions to treat big cases of burnt patients’

The Doctors Alliance on Tuesday slammed the manner the Romanian authorities have managed the ‘Colectiv’ fire crisis.

“There have been intense talks lately about what should be done or not related to the victims of the ‘Colectiv’ club fire. Our association representing the Romanian doctors’ interests, is publicly protesting against the way this crisis has been managed. We want to publicly say that we have a special respect for all the medical staff directly involved in taking care of these patients. They are unnamed heroes despite the problems caused by the managers of the Romanian health system.

We want to publicly protest against the informal and formal political leaders who caused confusion within the public opinion, there were people who did nothing but standing in front of the cameras and made lobby to some politicians for transient benefits.

First of all, the Romanian state doesn’t have conditions to treat big cases of burnt patients and we have never had. We don’t have equipment, sterile rooms and units for burnt. We don’t have enough medical staff for that and we cannot understand why staff from other medical units in Romania hasn’t been sent to make up for the shortage in Bucharest. And if we are aware of this shortage why help from abroad haven’t been asked in the first instance? Facilities don’t sum up only to sanitary stuff, high aseptic conditions are requested and, unfortunately, no public hospital in Romania has these conditions,” reads the press statement of the Doctors’ Alliance.

They say that the transfers of the patients injured in the ‘Colectiv’ fire were done only at the instance of the Romanian NGOs which put pressure on the Health Ministry and on the hospitals’ management. “There were no intentions of the rulers to transfer these patients or to ask for help. Almost the entire help came through the mobilization of the civil society, of the Romanian citizens from Diaspora.

The fact that the patients were well treated, as best as they could, it’s the virtue of the medical staff that made titanic efforts, with many working hours, without facilities(…).

We protest publicly against the resigning minister Nicolae Banicioiu, against professor doctor Ioan Lascăr, dr. Raed Arafat and professor doctor Dan Enescu- who, for unknown reasons, tried to cover up the real situation and our competence as a country,” concludes the press release, signed by the Doctors’ Alliance for the Modernization of the Romania’s Health System. The signers say the Alliance is a NGO set up based on a spontaneous movement on Facebook, which rejoined about 30,000 medical employees and members of the civil society across the country.

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