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Domestic company, unique in Europe. Paradoxically, Romanian market is not on its list

Romania is currently importing titanium and zirconium worth millions of euros, and the government, paradoxically, allocates hundreds of thousands of euros to shut down ore-rich quarries. There are only ruins of former exploitation and enough environmental issues that the authorities refuse to speak about, as digi24.ro informs.

The only factory that survived the transition is Zirom Giurgiu which came into prominence, over the last decades, as one of the largest producers of titanium and titanium alloys in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The products manufactured are intended both for cutting edge fields (aviation and nuclear areas) and various fields (metallurgy, chemical industry, medical technique and devices).

Ever since the company was founded in 1991, a permanent emphasis has been laid on its development, through technological optimization and through development of the technology for melting titanium and zirconium secondary materials (scrap) by combining EB and VAR technologies.

Within the period 2012 – 2014, a complex investment plan was carried out, following which SC Zirom Giurgiu has the capacity to manufacture titanium forgings, covering the forging-specific requirements existing on the sales market.

A few years ago, the local company used to export to Sweden and Germany, without producing for the Romanian market.

Zirom’s raw material supplier, the Vadu plant, has closed down. Grantmetal, the factory to which it had to deliver the ingots, has never worked. The government has invested RON 2 billion in technology, but in 2005 it abandoned the project. With incomplete production lines, the specialists in Giurgiu did not give up. They imported cheap ores from Ukraine and sold expensive, quality products abroad.

The latest data published by the Ministry of Finance in 2016 shows that Zirom SA had 124 employees, a turnover of EUR 4.21 million and a loss of EUR 1.78 million.

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