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Doucerain, new CEO Automobile Dacia: It’s really important to keep the company’s DNA

”What is really important for Dacia is to keep the company’s DNA. This DNA means manufacturing attractive, high-quality and best-price cars. (…) We want to keep this because it is a competitive advantage. We also have to evolve,” Antoine Doucerain (photo L), the new Managing Director Automobile Dacia and Managing Director Groupe Renault Romania as of May 1, 2018, stated in his first press meeting.

On this occasion, his predecessor Yves Caracatzanis (photo R), who will take over another position within Groupe Renault, stressed that Renault has invested EUR 2.8 billion in Romania so far.

photo source: capital.ro

Speaking about the lack of major investments in the Romanian automotive industry in recent years, Renault official said that “investors are looking for the country’s competitiveness, infrastructure, stability and predictability, well-trained and educated employees.

”I think it is important for Romania to remain competitive, to improve its infrastructure, predictability, because investors are looking at these things,” Caracatzanis said.

As of April 2016, Yves Caracatzanis was Managing Director of Groupe Renault Romania and CEO Automobile Dacia. In 1992, he joined Renault as Project Manager for Logistics Organization.

Antoine Doucerain joins Renault in 1993, within the Direction of Logistics Engineering. He pursues his career in Manufacturing, first at the Douai Plant, where he successively occupies the positions of Trim and Chassis Department Manager, Technical Director, Deputy Manufacturing Director, and then, in 2010, he is appointed Director of the Maubeuge Plant, where he insures the launch of Kangoo ZE and the preparation of the Citan model for Daimler. In 2012, he leaves to Brazil, to coordinate the setting up of a new Nissan Plant and to start the manufacturing of the Micra and Versa models. As of 2015, he has been back to France, where he has occupied the position of Manufacturing Director, in charge with 8 Renault Plants (the Western Manufacturing Hub) that have a high level of performance.

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