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Dragnea: PSD has 35pc in the polls. „There is a plan to remove the Gov’t”. “They want me behind bars”

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has claimed there is a plan to remove the Government and that the actions against him lately are no coincidence, but they come amid president Iohannis’ and Opposition leaders’ latest public stances.

There has been a sort of coordination, a succession between events and actions on Friday. Iohannis came out public and said <get rid of Dragnea>. #Rezist said <get rid of Dragnea>. The entire Opposition, led by Iohannis said there are no abuses and problems here. No letter was needed to say that we endorse the lobby law which has been on the ministry’s website for two weeks. It follows Austria’s pattern,”  Dragnea told Antena 3.

He added that he had received warnings from the local branches of the party.

Many colleagues told me there was no coincidence (…) It is this fight with the aim of restoring justice in Romania and putting intelligence services in their seat,” the PSD chair stated.

Referring to the polls, Liviu Dragnea added that he knows PSD stands at 35% and accused there is a plan to remove Dancila Cabinet to prevent it from taking over the Presidency of the EU Council.

I discussed with my party fellows in the country, asked them if they think I should resign, I discussed it in the spring, at the Congress, the pro-PSD meeting. No way. What has come up all of sudden? The polls. A colleague came and mentioned some polls, I don’t know where from, saying PSD has 30%. I know the party stands around 35%, I am below the party’s score. It is the same situation when we won the elections,” Dragnea pointed out.

Asked if he considers there is a plan to remove the Government by January 1, he replied: „ Yes, definitely yes. Romania’s taking over the Presidency of the EU Council actually means PM Dancila and ministers take it over, for Brussels decided that the Government is the one that manages the Presidency, not Romania’s President. It means Klaus Iohannis’ desire to have intelligence services playing around through the justice system, to threaten, blackmail and protect whoever he wants to. It means that our results in our ruling programme will be more and more obvious in 2019 and Iohannis will end up in the electoral campaign telling Romanians- vote me for I have done nothing, opposite to all the Government has done. These are the huge stakes,” the PSD leader claimed, adding that President Iohannis and intelligence services are also disturbed by the upcoming state budget. “If we are still ruling on December 15 they will entirely loose the match,” Dragnea said.

Some minister cannot say, they refuse to sign

On the other hand, Dragnea stated that there are ministers who refuse to sign and these ones cannot stay in the Government anymore, adding that a clear debate on the government reshuffle will take place after the family referendum.

It will be a very serious, very tough discussion, for they cannot be members of the Government is they don’t know to communicate. I am tired of being lightning rod. There are ministers who won’t sign documents, they delegate this task to somebody else, or they just don’t sign. They are afraid, some because they have orders, others because they are afraid of being investigated for abuse of office or dereliction of duty,” Dragnea told Antena 3, without yet naming any minister who does that.

“They want me behind bars” as a complete illegal, amnesty is needed

PSD chairman also accused that it is being sought that an illegal formation of the High Court “puts him to jail”, saying there is no court that could resist pressures for his conviction in the hiring file. His appeal in this case (where he had been sentenced to three years in prison in June) is due on October 8.

They want me behind bars with a formation of the High Court illegally set up. The law says the formation chairs are assigned at random. The High Court of Cassation and Justice has passed a decision saying this law enters into force as of January 1, 2019.  (…) What is to be done with hundreds of judges who have files at DNA? If the files disappear, apart from me, from other politicians and ruined businessmen, we push all away. At least for the judges who are still pressed and intimidated. After such a dark time, you have to give an amnesty. I don’t there is any other tool through which innocent people can get away with this misfortune. I don’t say the amnesty must be pronounced tomorrow, but it will be needed at some point. The same for the tax amnesty. I don’t say that thieves should not pay, but there are companies who cannot attend public tenders anymore (...)”.

 „Kovesi is running the General Prosecutor’s Office”

At the same time, Dragnea claimed that the former DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi is actually the one who is running the General Prosecutor’s Office, also accusing that prosecutors would intend opening a criminal record against Interior Minister Carmen Dan.

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