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Dutch people, seeking ‘the essence of quality’ of holiday homes in Transylvania

Romania’s economic growth in 2016 and good prospects for this year has triggered a “wave of enthusiasm” in investing in holiday homes here, according to Romania’s Honorary Consul in The Netherlands, Ben Jager, who attended the seminar dedicated to Romania, within Second Home Fair, held last weekend in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The acquisition of a second home – or a holiday home – is commonplace in the Netherlands, Dutch people’s favorite destinations, so far, being the traditional ones. But the interest in Eastern Europe and for new and unexplored destinations, where mass tourism is not practiced, is growing, Jager said. He pointed out that the property prices in Romania are below those of countries benefiting from a similar climate and socio-economic conditions.

Valley 21, the first green mountain resort in Romania with premium holiday homes, developed at Vama Buzau (Brasov County- Transylvania area), was the only project which represented Romania at Second Home Fair.

Ben Jager (center) and Gerard Doedee (right)

Ben Jager (center) and Gerard Doedee (right)

“Amid very small bank interests and an increasing consumption, the purchases of vacation houses know an upward trend in the Netherlands. The most popular destinations for Dutch for buying a holiday home are Spain, France and the Netherlands. (…) The average budget that the Dutch have for a holiday home is EUR 260,000,” Gerard Doedee, one of the Valley 21 project’s founders, stated, attending the event.

Valley 21 is a EUR 15 investment, developed by a group of Dutch and Romanian investors in public-private partnership with local authorities. The complex is made of 68 individual houses and a facility center, combining the cutting-edge technology with the most efficient ecological solutions.

Moreover, the houses are located nearby the Natural Reservation “Valea Zimbrilor”, with sale prices starting from EUR 167,500 to EUR 285,000.

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