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EC Commissioner Cretu Oks amended ROP for Romania to „better use” the EU funds

The European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Cretu, has approved the amendment of the Regional Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 for Romania, so that the EU funds allotted to our country should be more efficiently used, reads a press release issued by the European Commission.

The changes that we approved come precisely as an answer to adjust to the current realities and will help Romania use the allotted funds to a larger extent, while they are to have a beneficial effect particularly for the business environment, but they will also help projects related to the improvement of the healthcare infrastructure across the entire country,” said Cretu.

The EC also announced that among amendments there is also the one saying that the „Initiative for the SMEs” old Operational Fund will become part of the Regional Operational Programme, and will benefit of a relocation of over EUR 150 million.

The new priority axis within ROP will answer the growing demand for the guaranteed financial tools on the market and will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the SMEs in Romania,” the press release further reads.

EUR 72.5 million are relocated to the priority axis 8- Developing the health and social infrastructure, to finance the acquisition of ambulances and medical equipment, which will enable a better management of the medical emergencies.

During 2014-2020 Romania benefits of the EU’s financial aid worth over EUR 22 billion through the cohesion policy, with EUR 6.86 million allotted to ROP.

About ten days ago, European Commissioner for Regional Policy criticized the absence of projects from the Bucharest authorities during a press conference in Brussels on Monday and has publicly warned that she will no longer accept insults from the Romanian Government regarding her work.

“I really want to announce you publicly that I no longer accept the insults from the Romanian Government regarding my work,” said Corina Creţu, visibly irritated, answering the journalists’ questions.

“I do not understand the tension that has been created between me and the Government because I said things by name. We have money in Brussels for the infrastructure projects, but we have no projects,” said Corina Creţu, member of the Social-Democratic Party headed by Liviu Dragnea.

She has also provided concrete examples, citing the case of the Târgu Mureş-Iaşi highway, about which the Bucharest Government recently decided that the Târgu Neamţ-Iaşi section should be built by public-private partnership, although there is European money for its construction, including for the feasibility studies.

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