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ECHR gives Romanian citizen the right to have electricity

A Romanian resorted to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to earn his right to have electricity at home.

41-year-old George Borsan from Galati (eastern Romania) sued the city’s electricity provider in Romania and even if he won and his household was eventually connected to the electricity network, he hasn’t stopped here and has taken the case before the ECHR.

Now, the European court has ruled the man is entitled to compensations and compelled the Romanian state to guarantee his right to public utilities.

According to George Borsan, who is legal expert,  the Romanian state has to pay EUR 3,000 as compensation for non-material damages, and another EUR 300 as legal fees.

His fight with the local electricity provider started 11 years ago, when the company refused to connect his house to the electricity network near by.

Borsan said the company had argued that there were no funds allotted for the connection. He sued the Electrica company at the courts in the city and Galati Court of Appeal ruled in 2007 that his case is grounded, Digi 24 reports.

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