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Friday, February 19th, 2016.

First thing in the morning I am thumbing trough the Romanian newspapers.

A common topic appears in almost every newspaper: the blunder of the Romania’s President Klaus Werner Iohannis, who took part with the Intact media trust.

For instance, a few headlines: „How did Facebook take revenge on Iohannis in just 24 hours” (Gândul), „Klaus Iohannis meets his new foe: the Facebook generation” (Adevărul), „Analysis: Where did Klaus Iohannis intervene for the Intact trust” (România liberă).

Only Jurnalul National wrote no article on this topic. Instead, they wrote about the premier, as they were not so happy about PM Dacian Cioloș’ performance on ANAF’s furious attack against the Intact group.

I realise again how much we all like this type of events. The Romanian mass media cannot tackle hot and vital issues both for Romania and for the whole Europe, not even up to the last moment.

It’s like a game where everybody is waiting anybody to make one more mistake, a twisted step so that they could forcily jugulate the poor one who made a slip or, at least, who seemed to have made a slip.

Romania’s president was accused of springing to the Intact trust’s defence.

That he has spoken when he should have been silent.

That he has been silent when he should have spoken.

Even DW from Germany had a special reaction to the ‚silly action’ undertaken by Klaus Iohannis.

Anyway, I don’t think we are ready to have a leader who does something without talking or doesn’t do anything. And maybe, he makes some mistakes. However, we all are subject to error. We are human beings, we are living in the society surrounded by other people, we are listening or not to someone or another’s piece of advice, even if that person is the mother, father, grandmother or grandfather or adviser.

The conclusion is one and only: We love circus and so much for that!

Let’s all remember. The winter holiday of 2014 brought us a big present: Santa Klaus as President. There is no other country like ours.

As for the President’a action, in my view, I would see all this mess from a different angle: if the President’s idea was his own or belonged to his staff, I congratulate him/them. And I’ll explain why, but first, allow me to make a review of this week’s „big event”.

One day early this week, old and young, all top employees of the Antena TVs have been called together. They gathered, then they started fighting. They began to kiss the dust, they appealed to the audience, so that everbody should come and support them because the Romanian state is opressing them. Several mass meetings have been settled, with the Friday one in the Constituției Square recording a shameful failure. Come everybody, to save the Antennas!

Guys, why didn’t you get together so promptly for another meeting, demonstration to save all that’s important for us on earth, meaning our country, Romania?!

Romania, a country that belongs to all of us, that was and still is plundered, hacked, torn to pieces, sold for nothing. It’a country where the citizen has his mouth shot, that little man, the Romanian citizen, who must have no opinion, for nobody is interested in what is happening to the ordinary citizen, he is important only when he has to go to the polls.

And now, I will unveil my idea: the best counter-offensive idea against the Antena TV’s action is the method used by president Klaus Iohannis.

And now, I am going to use a less proper language: all, particularly the media, fell for that. They did exactly what I would have wished to happen related to the whole this issue, meaning they publicised the topic on all channels, they blew-up the balloon so much that it’s going to break.

The people from Antena TVs thought it did them good! So they say! They are fighting with their own weapons.

The case is so publicised so that there is no way back. The state authorities kicked off the campaign. The slogan is “right on” from now on!

This way, the people who had nothing to do with this case or were not interested in this topic wake up, too. They woke up, but maybe they will be more careful and might get involved in one way or another. Actually, Antena TVs, which are legal persons registered in Romania, must comply with this country’s laws like any other legal or physical person living here.

After all, nobody is beyond law!

You guys from Intact trust, there is nothing that can be done from now on, otherwise it will stink!

There is an ultimate and irrevocable court order, there is in enforcement order. The state institutions must only do their job!

The question is actually this one: what have those state institutions been doing up to now?

Why haven’t they accomplished their work duties?

This is the question and, from here, other state institutions should step in.

Nobody would have stirred a finger for the Romanian citizen. The state institutions would have intrude in his private life with no hesitation!

But all forgot one thing, the most important of all: all persons are in those offices taking satisfying salaries, maybe even more than that, in order to serve the ROMANIAN CITIZEN, precisely that little ignored man.

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