PM in, PM out… already? The unthinkable about to become unstoppable


by Andreea Marinas

Since when the peace agreement between North and South Korea makes yet another reason for kicking Trump? And why is it so important to know who takes or should be taking credit for it? It’s like praising the biologists for the existence of the Dodos, long gone species. Who’s going to take credit for the imminent good relationship with Japan, now that Kim Jong Un said he is open to discussions?

Why not better encouraging pro-lifers to do their job and to never cease trying to actually save lives that can or could be saved? Like Avicii’s or Alfie’s for instance. And not because the famous DJ was also a compassionate and kind person who right before his death made donations amounting to one million dollars to various charity associations, but because that’s the thing to do.

It would make a point to fill out 10 pages with this, rather than Firea’s self-propaganda for her chair at the City Hall. And this not just on a plain and ordinary or even latent moment, but in an “unprecedented” full war between alleged private interests and public responsibilities. Between what’s best for the party and worst for the opponents and what needs to be done for the country and its incredibly poor and disarrayed people.

One more time on the verge of becoming PM-less, after president Iohannis has publically withdrawn Dancila’s trust and asked for her resignation. This means at least instability if not even little to the restart of the hoax. Which could mean impacted the already high budget deficit of EUR 1 billion recorded in the first quarter of the year. Confirmed by analyst Cristian Tudor Popescu: “In the war between the palaces, those who will suffer are us, the population, because we may witness an economic collapse of Romania. At this moment, Romania is chaotic in terms of economics and finances because the actors of this conflict are motivated strictly electorally,” journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu told Digi24.

CTP also stressed that PM Dancila cannot resign from a position she has never had, as she was not PM not even one day so far. “She cannot react because she generally doesn’t think with her own head and doesn’t speak freely,” the analyst pointed out.

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