To be or not to be a Prime Minister of Romania


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By G. Onedin

I will start my article showing you the list of Prime Ministers of Romania since 1989: Petre Roman, Theodor Stolojan, Nicolae Vacaroiu, Victor Ciorbea, Gavril Dejeu, Radu Vasile, Mugur Isarescu, Arian Nastase, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Emil Boc, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Victor Ponta, Dacian Ciolos, Sorin Grindeanu, Mihai Tudose, Vasilica Viorica Dancila.

As an exercise of your memory, I would like to ask you people, which one of all these “personalities” has really improved and developed the Romanian’s living standard, which one has given us a better life?

In my opinion: no one.

The last three PMs are members of the Social Democrat Party, which in Romanian language is named PSD.

First, PSD is the major political party in Romania and the largest party in the Parliament and it also has the largest number of mayors, local and county councilors and county presidents, so it is the biggest and most influential political force in the country. As a second important mention, PSD traces its origins to the Democratic National Salvation Front and the founder was Ion Iliescu. And that shows us a lot of things.

The current chairman of the PSD is Liviu Dragnea, elected in this position after the former Prime Minister Victor Ponta stepped down on 12 July 2015. Later on, in November 2015, Ponta was also to step down as prime minister after the Colectiv tragedy.

At that moment President Klaus Iohannis managed the situation in that manner and his dream to have his own government had come true and Mr. Dacian Ciolos became the PM of the Romanian government.

I have talked about that moment in one of my previous articles entitled “Lucky Klaus”.

Later on, the general elections took place in December 2016 in Romania, under a new electoral system adopted in 2015, which saw a return to the proportional electoral system, which had been used in the 2004 elections. And the big winner of these elections was the Social Democrat Party. So, the Social Democrats had to get down to business and to designate a PM and a government.

The first one was Mr. Sorin Grindeanu (4 January – 29 June 2017). The second PM was also designated by the same winner and he was Mr. Mihai Tudose (29 June 2017 – 16 January 2018).

And now, as an irony of fate, the same winner had to designate a new Prime Minister. The third PM and his government has just been validated by the Parliament, with the swearing-in ceremony taking place at Cotroceni Palace on Monday evening. I have never believed that the President Klaus Iohannis will agree this proposal. Never.

But, after a short introspection, I understood the real reason of this equation.

The new PM, Mrs. Vasilica Viorica Dancila, can be easily used by Mr. Liviu Dragnea and, to the same extent, by the President Klaus Iohannis.

As usually, the Romanian people are again amid this battle and nothing good is ahead, nothing good for the upcoming future is foreseen.

Looking at this kind of joke of fate, some people can say that the PSD chairman is crazy or has no sense of reality, because his party has blown up two PMs and designated the third one.

But, in this case, his dream can come true. In this situation, with Mrs. Vasilica Viorica Dancila as PM, Liviu Dragnea will finally become the PM of Romania.

And as a spirit of joke, Mr. Liviu Dragnea was kind of bored. Why? Because his party has no playmate. The scene of political is boring.

No one of the opposition party is capable to play the true role of a political opposition. Come on, people, I need to use an eyeglass to see the activity of these parties and their activity, which is almost zero.

Hence, as a knight of our political scene, Mr. Liviu Dragnea and his party can play the role of the Opposition. And HE did it! He really did it, by blowing up his own PMs.

However, between me and you, PNL or USR or any other party would have never been successful in demolishing the Social Democrat PMs. Never!

Today, 29 January 2018, Romania has a new PM a new government. We’ll see how that goes!

At the end of my article I would like to encourage the Romanian nation and I will use the title of our national anthem: “ Wake up, Romanian!”

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