Victor Ponta’s sound victory


by Andreea Marinas

After it has been just confirmed that PSD-ALDE ruling coalition had lost the majority in Parliament over the departure of five lawmakers from PSD, 20 more MPs of the Social Democrat group are said to leave the party, which might represent a major crack in the ruling party.

Victor Ponta cannot but happily embrace them as they are leaving their party on ALDE’s mercy, not that there’s something wrong with that.

The ‘masterplan’ was discussed at a reunion last week at the Diplomats Club in Northern Bucharest, at a birthday party thrown by the ex-minister of Culture Lucian Romascanu. According to some sources quoted by various media, the ‘traitors’ have no regrets with regards to their decision, having summoned Dragnea not just once demanding him to ‘sit and talk to them (e.n. – the parliamentary groups) with all cards on the table’. While the PSD leader ‘for no reason at all’ rejected the invitations.

“He’s simply running away from this.” “There are only nondescript meetings to praise the daddy and as we try to say some common sense things we are told that the thing to do is to keep our mouth shut,” a participant at Romascanu’s party said.

Everything else snowballs from there: the aim, the first one, of the massive attack coming from the 20 MPs – out of which 9 senators – is thought to be Dragnea’s resignation, more and more coming to believe that he does not deserve to be the head of the party anymore.

Former Prime Minister Victor Ponta will allegedly ‘steal’ people also from PMP and ALDE which could decisively tilt the balance for the dismissal of Dancila Government, controlled by Liviu Dragnea.

Two of the hard names said to be about to migrate from Dragnea to Ponta are former PM Mihai Tudose and former minister Ecaterina Andronescu. So, willy-nilly, things will eventually embrace the point of no return regarding PSD.



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