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Elena Udrea lashes out against Codruta Kovesi, to file complaint to the CSM
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Elena Udrea lashes out against Codruta Kovesi, to file complaint to the CSM

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ- the Romania’s Supreme Court) is judging the file regarding the funding of the election campaign in 2009 where former minister Elena Udrea is investigated next to ex-President Basescu’s daughter, Ioana Basescu and journalist Dan Andronic.

ICCJ decided to relocate the file to the Bucharest Court of Appeal after a judge has challenged the court’s authority in this case, considering the defendants’ statute in this file.

After ex-DNA prosecutor Mihaela Iorga’s disclosures that DNA head Laura Codruta Kovesi had allegedly asked her to remand Elena Udrea, the former Tourism minister Elena Udrea said she would file a complaint to the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), while stating that Kovesi should be dismissed.

After attending the Thursday’s secret hearing, Elena Udrea informed that a judge had argued that the Supreme Court has no authority over this case.

The National Anti-corruption Directorate is so competent that it rushed to solve this file, the second targeting Elena Udrea, so that they sent the file to the wrong court. The ex officio judge has raised this exception. So, considering the statute of the investigated persons, the Court of Appeal should judge the case. Ioana Basescu as notary and me as lawyer (…) I make only one deduction. DNA has shot and hit. It thought if sending the file to the ICCJ, to the same panel, it will get another conviction,” Udrea said.

She added that she expects more new files against Ioana Basescu.

“I am convinced that Mrs. Kovesi has some targets. The targets are Traian Basescu, Elena Udrea indirectly. She is programmed to put some people to execution. I wouldn’t wonder if Ioana Basescu should be investigated in other files as well, just like me,” Udrea argued.

Referring to the scandal at the DNA, the former minister stated that Kovesi should be dismissed: “It would be mandatory for her to be dismissed. I don’t think there is in this civilized and democratic world a situation when a chief prosecutor should stay in office after all that has been revealed about her. Starting from the lies she is constantly telling, to the occult relationships with politicians, businessmen up to the abuses she is making. She has destroyed the confidence in the Romanian justice system and yet, those who should ask for her resignation or who should dismiss her, keep on supporting her, as they in their turn are people who have problems or can be blackmailed.”

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