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Elena Udrea reacts after Costa Rica media reports, says is Securitate operation

Former Tourism Minister, Elena Udrea, now in Costa Rica, reacted on Saturday, on Facebook, after an article about her and ‘Romanian fugitives’ was published by the local media. Udrea says nothing is accidental and wonders what’s next: a poisoning with neurotoxin, as in the case of Sergey Skripal?”

The Costa Rican publication ‘Diario Extra’ published recently an article titled “Romanian fugitives chose Costa Rica as refuge”, pointing to Elena Udrea, described as “a very controversial women in her country.” The article also mentions former DIICOT chief, Alina Bica, also in Costa Rica.

“Costa Rica and Madagascar are thousands of kilometres away and many hours of flight apart, they have in common one thing that attracts the Romanians eager to avoid justice in their country: none of them has an extradition treaty with Romania,” the above mentioned feature reads. The author explains this is the reason Costa Rica has become a golden destination for the politicians in this ‘Balkan state’. The paper mentions Udrea, as being charged with influence peddling and she has requested political asylum.

The article includes several pictures of Elena Udrea from a pictorial in ‘The One’ magazine.

Udrea’s position is that the article is not an accident, other news were released by the online media and one feature by a TV station in recent weeks. “They quoted Digi TV and now Rise Project, which had some representatives sent here. I wonder who is paying for this expensive trip for an obscure website which releases news supplied by Securitate?” Udrea wrote.

She claims she is extremely important for Romanian media.

“I wonder what’s next? Are they going to send someone with neurotoxin, as in the murder attempt in London against the former Russian spy Sergey Skripal? This operation conducted by Securitate in Costa Rica only strengthens my arguments of harassment and abuses against me from Coldea, Kocesi and all those who served and are serving this illegal and abusive system of power,” Udrea also wrote.

She also argues that such abuses have led to the decision to request international protection in a country with real respect and adequate legislation in terms of fundamental freedoms.

On March 29, 2017, Elena Udrea was sentenced to six years imprisonment with execution in the ‘Bute Gala’ file for bribery and abuse of office.

Former Tourism Minister Elena Udrea, investigated in Romania for corruption, currently in Costa Rica, announced in late March she has miscarried one of her twins. Udrea announced in mid-February she was pregnant with twins.

Her lawyer Alexandru Chiciu has filed documents in court certifying she has miscarried one of the twins and that she is compelled to keep to her bed to avoid any risk of miscarrying the other baby.

Elena Udrea, former Development and Tourism Minister in the Emil Boc cabinet, is prosecuted in several files, and is in Costa Rica, living in the same neighbourhood with the former National Directorate for Combating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) head, Alina Bica, also prosecuted in some corruption files, who left Romania for Costa Rica at the end of last year.

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