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Embassy of Israel: We are dismayed by the statements of Minister Daea on Holocaust

The Embassy of Israel has reacted on Thursday to Petre Daea’s statements, the embassy representatives saying they are dismayed and disappointed that the Minister of Agriculture has compared the effects of the Holocaust with that of swine fever.

“The Embassy of the State of Israel expresses its dismay and consternation at the affirmations of the Minister of Agriculture, Petre Daea, who compared the slaughter of the sick pigs with the murder of innocent Jews in Auschwitz. We hope, though, that such an association was made by Minister Daea due to the lack of detailed information on what was the Holocaust and Auschwitz, without the intention of dishonoring the memory of millions of victims,” the Embassy of the State of Israel says in a press release.

“The Holocaust, a tragedy condemned by Romania, which resulted in the deaths of six million Jews, must never be forgotten, trivialised or minimized. Romania has made tremendous progress in Holocaust research, education and commemoration, which, we are convinced, will continue in the future. This dark page of the history must not be repeated. Therefore, in order for the young generations- and not only- to learn and understand the history of the Holocaust, no effort should be spared. We expect that, in the future, there won’t be any further use of Holocaust terminology in a non-related context,” the Embassy further says.

Agriculture Minister Petre Daea, made a controversial statement on Wednesday, by comparing the slaughter of pigs due to African swine fever with what happened in Auschwitz.

“We need to slaughter, unfortunately, some 45,000 pigs from Carniprod and if the virus hits another complex, this means 17,000-18,000 more pigs to be slaughtered. There is no antidote, no vaccine, no medicine, the only way is to slaughter the pigs. The pigs are incinerated, it’s terrible work. It’s like in Auschwitz. The pigs are put down, the on the other side are incinerated, veterinarians are at the limit of resistance, to have 2,000-3,000 pigs to be slaughtered every day,” the minister said.

Minister Daea apologized on Thursday for the comparison between Holocaust and the consequences of African swine fever, stressing he had no intention to offend anyone, but to express the farmers’ grief.

“I state all my respect for all the members of the Jewish community and I stress I’ve only wanted to show the terrible situation pig breeders are facing now due to the African swine fever. My soul is burdened, I only wanted to express the terrifying moment our farmers have to cope with as well as those who manage the crisis. God forbid, I’ve never offended anyone in my life, I love my fellowmen, I’ve only expressed my grief and I hope I will be understood,” Minister Petre Daea said.

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  1. The relationship with the PSD and Israel is so strange.

  2. horace twiddlepass

    Since the Israeli national anthem was written in Romania, a more lenient attitude might be expected from Israel.