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Employees of 3 hospitals in Bucharest, one in Tulcea stage protests against cash benefits cut

Hundreds of nurses and doctors with the ‘Marius Nasta’ Institute, ‘Sf. Ioan’ Emergency Hospital and ‘CC Iliescu’ Institute have staged protests in front of the medical units on Thursday, dissatisfied by the cut of the cash bonuses, capped at 30%.

Consequently, their wage earnings have fallen by up to RON 1,000.

The ‘Marius Nasta’ Institute employees claim they would receive different cash bonuses, which is not normal, as all employees have contacts with people hospitalised for tuberculosis, HIV or Hepatitis B. They chanted: “We want to work, not to beg.”

Also Thursday morning, about 200 employees of the Tulcea County Hospital have protested in front of the institution, dissatisfied by the drastic fall in wages, following the amendments to the unitary wage law. They chanted ‘Liers’, ‘Thieves’ and ‘We want our money back’, have blown vuvuzelas and whistles, bearing papers with messages such as ‘Health values more than 30%’, hotnews.ro informs.

The employees say the current situation is serious, the protests will continue until is solved.

On Wednesday, Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu said that the regulation on cash bonuses is ongoing amendments at the Health Ministry and that 97% of those benefitting from the law have a positive opinion.

Several dozen employees of the Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumophysiology in Bucharest protested on Tuesday in the courtyard of the hospital, dissatisfied that their wages would decrease by as much as RON 1,400 due to the cuts of the cash bonuses.

Also Tuesday morning, some 100 employees with the Pneumophtisology Hospital in Iasi gathered in front of the institution carrying placards, demanding the wage rights. They had also taken to the street last Thursday and vow to continue the protests until the problems are solved.

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